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Installation & Download Thread
The Great War mod began development three years ago. The journey from that point to where we are at today, with the release of 5.0, has been long. That journey has now ended, and a new one begins. As you download 5.0, keep in mind that we expect to release an array of updates (both great and small) to support and expand this N:TW modification. We thank you for downloading this product of hard work, which many team members have become closely involved with for a very long time. We thank you for contributing to the further exploration of an era that has been marginalized, almost forgotten, in games. We thank you for your support.

Update: 5.1 is up! Read the installation instructions for a correct installation of 5.1, which entirely replaces 5.0.
5.1 Patch Notes

5.1 Patch NotesLauncher:
(Each of the following is a solution to a problem, the launcher now works for all but one of our testers, If the launcher still doesn't work for you I highly suggest you get your Log.txt after a failed launch to a dev so we can fix the remaining issues, thanks)
-Launcher must now be run with administrator privileges
-Removed bottom right launch button, instead launching is done through top left option
-Launcher makes multiple checks before launch to make sure files are correct
-Launcher now notifies of problems
-Added option to send an error log to the developers this will help us for anyone the launcher still doesn't work for
-Added a ton of new coding to prevent issues and generally improve things

Campaign Gameplay:
-Strengthened Germany to realistic levels
-Implemented optional scripting options at campaign start
-Reduced campaign government bonus' for France
-Increased AI tendancy to build naval units to realistic levels
-Improved tech research times
-Implimented massively overhauled scripting to help the campaign
-As requested a Russian revolution now leads to the Soviet Union

Campaign Bug Fixes:
(Some small nations still don't have Generals available, we were going to remove these nations as playable until a fix was found but I decided not too, just be aware of this)
-Fixed campaign economy
-Fixed turn 45 crash
-Fixed Swiss crash
-Fixed everyone dying in 1915
-Added missing Serbian faction description
-Fixed crash when some new ministers created
-Fixed slots without build options
-Fixed agent spawning
-Implemented plane agents correctly. (These require the player to own both a university and an airfield (buildable on farm slots))
-Fixed many incorrect UI text entries
-Fixed certain rebellions containing only a general
-Reduced tendency for characters to gain certain traits
-Fixed missing technology icons
-Rail buildings now correctly show tracks on map
-Replaced incorrect minister cards

Campaign General:
-Added left out train model
-Added simple victory conditions for now
-Added new custom artwork for certain events
-More accurate historical ministers for some nations

-Fixed certain nations armies being overpriced
-Fixed bugged unit textures
-Fixed unit UI descriptions
-Fixed possible cause of sound related CTD

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Important! Before installing 5.1 it is of paramount importance that you remove any and all 5.0 files. Update 5.1 replaces 5.0 in its entirety because of the amount of fixes and other content included. The new launcher replaces the old one and you should therefore make sure to remove all old launcher files (if you have 5.0 installed, it may be wise to go backwards through the steps below, and then install 5.1 using these steps from the beginning).

1) Place the "data" folder in your download into your default, main Napoleon: Total War folder.
Example path:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war\

If prompted that folders already exist, click "OK" and allow any folders to be merged, nothing will be overwritten.

2) Run the launcher inside the "The Great War" folder. (Make a shortcut on your desktop if you wish)

NOTE: If launcher fails to work for some unknown reason. Follow either of these instructions as a temporary fix:

1) Place all .pack files from "The Great War/Files" folder into your data folder.

2) Place the 'user.script.txt' in the "The Great War/Files" folder into your appData folder, here:

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts

Replace "USER" with your correct username.

ALTERNATIVELY, install the mod using the alternative installation method provided here:

TGW Post-5.0 Update System
Installation InstructionsWith TGW 5.0, we are introducing a launcher and an auto update feature, which will keep the mod constantly updated with the latest bug fixes, feature additions and balancing adjustments. Just after the mod is released, we expect to work intensively in response to user feedback and our own extensive testing of features to ensure that as many problems are erased as quickly as possible. For more information on how to help in this process, please read the Troubleshooting section.

NOTE: A new launcher was introduced with 5.1 due to the enormous amount of issues the community apparently encountered. This launcher is intended to have the same update system as that originally planned for the 5.0 launcher.
TroubleshootingGot prolbems? Don't worry, it's to be expected right after release, use this forum for tech help, we'll be happy to try and help you. If you have a bug report, excellent! Please give it to us through the proper channels and be as description as possible in explaining the bug/crash/error.

If you are crashing often in (during) battles, check this thread: 

Tanks not moving?
- Make sure you are playing on the largest unit size (unit size and scale are not the same thing: unit size is picked in-game through the Options menu whilst scale is selected using the launcher)
- Issue ground attack orders to move the tanks (e.g., the pointer is in fact not showing up as a movement order but rather as a ground attack order, but in fact the tanks move when issued the latter)
- If a tank is charged in melee, its tracks will be disabled. This means that the tank cannot move after being engaged in melee. Make sure to support your tanks with suitable infantry protection.

No generals in campaign?
- As of 5.1 many issues have been fixed in the campaign, but one particular issue will always remain and is to be regarded as unfixable: some of the minor nations will never be able to recruit generals and the campaign experience with these nations may be somewhat less enjoyable than that with any of the majors (France, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia; a few "minor" nations have working generals)

A plane, a plane, a kingdom for a plane!
- Aeroplanes are recruited at universities, which double as flight schools. But for your aspiring pilots to have somewhere to acquire the necessary skills of flying, you must also build an airport, which can be constructed on any farm slot. Airports come in a variety of levels: the first aircraft you are able to produce are of the recon type and as the name suggests they may only conduct reconnaissance. After that, you will have access to bombers and fighters.

4、解压【拿战】一战5.1,进入The Great War 5.1文件夹,把data文件夹剪切到\Napoleon Total War内覆盖
5、在\Napoleon Total War \data\The Great War运行Launcher.exe
6、解压【拿战】一战5.1.4升级补丁,进入The Great War 5.1.4文件夹,把data文件夹剪切到\Napoleon Total War内覆盖
7、在\Napoleon Total War \data\The Great War运行Launcher.exe



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